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Moving you from emotional to intentional…

Wisdom lies within, all you need is


Why we exist

We believe people are social beings and are inherently born with a moral compass that points NORTH. We exist to rekindle that spirit of people by being smarter with feelings to create a global village of co-operation and prosperity in a sustainable manner towards global noble goals.

HOW we do it

We create awareness of emotional intelligence (EQ) through delivering innovative workshops using simplified but holistic internationally recognised assessments which is based on empirical cutting edge scientific research. The flow of the research from the work floor to the boardroom makes it real and unique, practical to implement, creates employee vitality and engagement that benefits all in their professional and private life. We are never prescriptive in approach or ideology making our foundational principle “NO WAY IS THE WAY” that allows creativity and innovation as every organization is unique.

WHAT we do

We just happen to facilitate clarity that creates a workplace environment that promotes enhanced self-awareness, self-reflection, continuous learning, development and growth from the inside out that delivers real shareholder value with authentic sincere people.

What if you could double the number of high-performing leaders in your organisation?

Measure and Improve the Drivers of Leadership Performance

LVS is a powerful online 360 feedback tool used for accelerating change and strengthening leadership. An LVS self-assessment is also available, which is particularly useful to introduce the model in a development program; the LVS-S can then be upgraded to an LVS-360.